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<b>Charles Dickens</b><br />
David Copperfield (Collector's Library)
Цена:356 грн. 396 грн.
2009 год

NOTE: This is a small book with the dimensions "Length: 2.12 inches Width: 4.21 inches Height: 6.18 inches" and these books have small font.Tells the life story of David Copperfield, from his birth in Suffolk, through the various struggles of his childhoo

<b>Herman Melville</b><br />
Moby-Dick (Collector's Library)
Цена:343 грн. 381 грн.
2009 год

On board the whaling ship Pequod a crew of wise men and fools, renegades and seeming phantoms is hurled through treacherous seas by a crazed captain hell-bent on hunting down the mythic White Whale. Melville transforms the little world of the whale-ship i

<b>D.H. Lawrence</b><br />
Lady Chatterley's Lover
Цена:291 грн. 323 грн.
2005 год

First published in Italy, the publication of this book caused a scandal in the United Kingdom not only due to its explicit sex scenes, including some hard words, and because the lovers were a working-class male and an aristocratic female. The book was al

<b>Sir Arthur Conan Doyle</b><br />
The Complete Sherlock Holmes
Цена: 1103 грн.
1960 год

Here, collected in one volume, are all four full-length novels and 56 short stories chronicling the colorful adventures of Sherlock Holmes--every word Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever wrote about Baker Street's most famous resident.

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