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Total Russian: Revised (Learn Russian with the Michel Thomas Method) (A  Hodder Education Publication). Автор Natasha Bershadski
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Total Russian: Revised (Learn Russian with the Michel Thomas Method) (A Hodder Education Publication)(временно отсутствует)

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Learn Russian - Instantly.No books. No writing. No memorizing.Join the millions of people worldwide who have learned a new language with the Michel Thomas method.- Guaranteed success. Speak and understand Russian perfectly.- Incredible progress. Learn Russian effortlessly.- Absolute confidence. Unleash your natural learning style without trying.The Method:Stress-free Audio LearningYou are taught Russian through your own language, so there is no stress and no anxiety. Take your time going over each section, step by step, until you have understood and absorbed the material. As Michel Thomas said, "What you understand, you know; and what you know, you don't forget."You will learn Russian in "real-time" conditions. There is no need to stop for homework, additional exercises, or vocabulary memorization.Learn AnywhereThe Michel Thomas audio courses allow you to learn wherever, whenever you want: at home, in your car, or on the move. All you need is a CD player and/or MP3 player.How Does it Work?- Listen. Collect words effortlessly by listening.- Connect. Create your own mental tool kit by understanding how words fit together.- Speak. Put the words back together to build sentences, naturally.Why It Works:Learn Russian the Way You Learned Your Own LanguageYou learned your own language naturally: now you can learn Russian in the same way. You will stick with this method because you will love it. Use the unique learning method perfected over fifty years by the celebrated psychologist and linguist Michel Thomas.Works With Your BrainThe course helps you to build up your Russian in manageable steps by enabling you to think the answers out yourself. You will learn through listening and speaking, without the pressure of writing or memorizing.What's in the Course?- Up to 12 hours of audio material on CD- *NEW* in this revised edition: CD-ROM for PC or Mac so you can see the words and sentences you are learning, with additional quizzes and exercises for practiceWhich Course Level Is Right for You?Start: One hour introduction to a languageTotal: Jump into a language as a beginner and build your understanding from the ground-upPerfect: Pave your way to fluency in a language after undertaking the Total courseMasterclass: Round out your language ability in unique, one-on-one lectures

На этой странице вы можете купить товар Total Russian: Revised (Learn Russian with the Michel Thomas Method) (A Hodder Education Publication) Natasha Bershadski онлайн с доставкой по Киеву и всей Украине (Чернигов, Черкассы, Донецк(временно не работаем), Днепропетровск, Одесса, Львов, Ужгород, Луганск(временно не работаем), Симферополь(временно не работаем), Хмельницкий, Харьков, Винница, Кировоград, Херсон, Сумы, Запорожье, Полтава, Луцк, Ровно, Черновцы, Тернополь, Ивано-Франковск, Житомир, Николаев).

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23.62 x 6.6 x 17.02 см.
Natasha Bershadski
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